At Slastik®, we have a great eye for detail, we therefore dedicate ourselves to creating the best model for every use/function with the latest optical technology. We constantly adapt and innovate our products so that you can find the best fit that you may need at any moment.

With our continuous technological improvements in product and design, we can offer a wide selection of optical solutions within each of our model categories: Sastik Sun, Slastik Readers, Sport Optical and Slastik Kids.

All of the models rely on brand identity and Slastik® technology. Discover the different available collections from Slastik®.

Gafas con Imán Slastik


With our Optical frames, you can have the latest trend models with all the quality, guarantee and innovative technology that Slastik ensures in all of its models.

Gafas con Imán para Sol Slastik


With an immovable fixture and total comfort, the quality of our Sport Optical line guarantees that your sight will be your greatest ally and sport will be your only challenge.

Gafas con imán para sol Slastik


Our SlastikSun glasses are designed to withstand every type of sport, made with a fixture system and the most resistant materials in order to confront all of your challenges.

gafas con imán Slastik


For the littlest yet most energetic ones Slastik offers its Kids line, so that they can face all of their great adventures with the best gear.

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