Slastik Soho, equiped with a flexible Head Band that allows a comfortable and perfect fit, giving freedom of movement without having to worry about them.

This photochromic lenses have 100% UV protection treatment. Thanks to these lenses it is no longer necessary to use two different frames. They will darken or lighten according to the intensity of sunlight.

Slastik Soho are ideal for working, perfect for users that need prescription glasses to perform their activities. Perfect fixation and maximum comfort.
New rod adjustment system that is protected by a second international patent. The design of the heel is more robust and allows the adjustment of the screws to preventthe rods from dislodging.

Boxing: 48 mm   |   Bridge: 21 mm   |   Front: 132 mm   |   High lens: 41 |  Metal Temple size: M  |   Optional: L / XL

– Possibility of keeping the glasses in a conventional case.

– Double injection & extensible temple, adaptable to your needs & provide a greater fit and more comfort.

– Greater comfort, lighter and better adaptability.

– Available in 3 different powers: | + 1.5 | + 2.0 | +2.5 |

gafas fotocromáticas graduadas Slastik Soho
gafas fotocromáticas graduadas Slastik Soho

Soho Ex. 001

gafas fotocromáticas graduadas Slastik Soho 002

Soho Ex. 002

gafas fotocromáticas graduadas Slastik Soho 014

Soho 014

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