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Photochromic lenses for Slastik Soho

Photochromic lenses for Slastik Soho

You still don’t know the photochromic lenses?

Spain is one of the sunniest countries in Europe and that makes us a little more vulnerable. It is important to protect our eyes properly. And, now that the good weather has arrived, we have the perfect product to enjoy the daily sun.

photochromic lenses with power: | +1.5 | +2.0 | +2.5 |

It may seem silly but, sometimes, it is hard to change our glasses every time we enter or leave a room. Take them, put them, keep them. So we chose not to use them. But, since we like to enjoy reading a Newspaper on a terrace, we have decided to change the rules at Slastik.

Forget about frowning when you’re outside and the sun bothers your eyes.

Thanks to its technology, Slastik glasses are comfortable to wear and practical to put on. The new photochromic lenses of the Soho model change its color according to the intensity of the sun. Allowing you to enjoy your activities without worrying about anything else.


With this frame, nothing will prevent you from enjoying the summer. You can forget to change the frame every time you enter or leave a place. And, if you do not want to wear them all day, you can always hang them around your neck to avoid losing them and enjoy the comfort of carrying a frame for each occasion.


*Available for the Soho model in 3 colors: 014, Executive 001 & Executive 002.


Practical, comfortable and suitable for any activity. So nothing will stop you.

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